Friday, June 3, 2011

European Competence development: Support of European integration by enhancing the innovations in the European vocational education and training sector with the example of eCOTOOL

This article points out the special support that competence models can provide for the quality development in learning, education, and training: The European competence development benefits from new and innovative approaches called competence modelling. Here we can only highlight the main characteristics of this trend and its relevance in vocational education and training. A general competence model with a standardized competence structure and levels is introduced by the European initiative eCOTOOL and discussed for several use cases. It can be shown that competence modelling and the presented competence definition and structure lead to an improvement of the vocational education and training and the working places, of the organizational and individual development, in many use cases places.

Contributed by Christian M. Stracke and Karna Wegner

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  1. Interesting project & tools. Well written. Good paper.