Submissions, review & publication

Contributions are welcome in two forms:
  • as blog articles posted directly on this blog. For acquiring author rights on this blog, please send your login id to the organizers at voa3r.efita<at> Blog articles will become available for reviews/comments on this blog.
  • as short papers of 4 pages maximum.  Short papers should be uploaded as pdf files, or sent to the organizers at voa3r.efita<at> Short papers will be uploaded as pdf attachments on the blog and become available for reviews/comments.
Each submission needs to include a paper title, author names and a short abstract of 100 words.

An open, public process will be adopted for reviewing submissions to the workshop: Each submission will become available on this blog and peers will be invited to make comments. Comments from the community will be publicly viewable on this blog. Reviewers identity will be revealed or not, and reviewers will decide on their anonymity. Workshop organizers will make sure that each submission will be reviewed by at least two members of the Organizing Committee, and further reviews from the community will be encouraged too. Revised papers, or blog articles updates will be performed continuously as responses to the community comments.

Publication and Presentation in the workshop
Selected submissions will be invited for oral presentation at the Workshop in Prague. Final papers and blog articles will be archived in an open repository (to be defined).
Based on the comments on the blog, and the discussions during the workshop, a finer selection of papers may be invited to prepare an extension for a journal article.