Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Identifying the Training Content Needs in Vocational Education & Training Projects: The Organic.Balkanet Case

Organic.Balkanet is an LdV EU project which started in December 2009, aiming at the development of the skills of Organic Agriculture trainers in Balkan countries. For this purpose, the project identified the training needs in each of the participating countries and intends to develop a basic training curriculum as well as specialized curricula focusing on the specific needs of each of the participating countries. In this context, an analysis of the existing training content, including the contributed by the project partners and the publicly available, was performed and the results of this analysis are presented in this short paper.

Contribution by: Vassilios Protonotarios, Nikos Palavitsinis, Katerina Papakonstantinou, Maria Toader, Gheorghe Valentin Roman


  1. A very interesting project for Organic Agriculture trainers and a very interesting course management platform (MOLE). It is very important to be able to find and have access to such high quality material through a platform like this, which allows you to see everything instantly even if you are in the most remote areas of Chios island with very limited bandwith.

  2. Due to its geographical location, Greece is considered both as a Balkan and as a Mediterranean country. Even though Greece is not participating as a user country in the Organic.Balkanet project (as it was the case in the Organic.Mednet one), still the outcomes of the project (such as methodology and content) can be beneficial for Greek OA trainers as well.

    As for the MOLE platform (www.moleportal.eu), it has already been extensively used for the course management in the CerOrganic Training of Trainers school a week ago and we were more than satisfied with it! It is fast, fully-featured and available online 24/7. We will have the opportunity to test during the Organic.Balkanet training in a couple of weeks, so we are now working on it.

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